Pub Classics: Sports Played in the Bar that You Can Bet on

A brew with friends or a post-work hangout with colleagues is sometimes just what you need after a stressful day. Anyone who frequents pubs or bars knows that, often times, the establishment has set up some games for the paying customers. In this article, we are going to talk about some pub classic games that you are certainly familiar with, and have a healthy sports betting industry backing them.

Pool tables are a staple of bar culture in the USA, England, and all across Europe. The rectangular table with six holes and 16 balls has served as a source of entertainment for many pub visitors for decades. So popular is pool, that is has even become a professional sport.

The professional version of pool is quite a popular betting sport. Bookies offer odds on matches and tournaments, so fans have quite a diverse set of options when placing wagers. Bookies will also set up a lot of different bet types on pool, such as future bets, money lines, and of course, prop bets.

Many people know snooker as a different variation of pool. To be sure, that is a pretty accurate assessment for a newbie or an amateur. However, the truth is that snooker does have quite a few key differences. Whatever the case, a snooker game can be played on a pool table, and is therefore quite popular in many bars.

Snooker is also quite popular as a professional sport. Its popularity necessitates that many bookies have decided to let fans wager on the game. Snooker betting is a relatively successful industry, and attracts a dedicated, though niche audience.

As a pub game, darts is immensely popular worldwide. But, as a professional sport, the game does not have a worldwide appeal. However, darts has a dedicated following in western Europe, particularly in countries like England, Ireland, Wales, and the Netherlands. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that bookies in these countries cover darts extensively.

Indeed, you may find that a lot of European bookies get so many darts wagers, that they often bookmark the sport, and place the odds right on the front page of their websites. Many sportsbooks have also come up with some incredibly prominent and popular prop bets, such as:

• First Dart Hill
• Perfect Leg
• First 180

Popularity of These Sports

It wouldn’t be fair to say that betting on the three aforementioned sports is as popular as betting on, say, golf, horse racing, or baseball. By no means are “pub sports” the most popular option people look at when they visit bookies, online or land-based.

However, it is true that these sports have a relatively dedicated and loyal audience. Darts fans are especially dedicated to players and athletes in the field. But, even pool and snooker fans can get quite passionate about the sport.

While you might not have the easiest time locating a land-based bookie that covers these games, online is a different story. Most internet sportsbooks are happy to place odds on lesser-known games like the ones we discussed in this article.